About Stitch Charities


StitchCharities imagines a world stitched together with love dedicated to the belief that together we can make a world a better place. We are an online community that’s all about embracing your own beauty and proclaiming your confidence to the world.

The Mission

To educate the public about perceptions of beauty and body image and to promote self-esteem and acceptance by eliminating body-shaming, prejudice and discrimination.

To provide this education through workshops, lectures, events, written, audio and video materials, training, conferences and other media formats as well as through utilizing social media channels and website(s) to provide studies, facts, statistics and motivational materials.

To engage in social justice and other activities focusing on women, girls and the disadvantaged, by sending out trained representatives, motivational coaches and teachers to raise social consciousness in order to reduce discrimination, bullying and inequity due to body-type, gender, age, race, class and culture.